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PC Cleaning Service

There are many reasons why equipment should be professionally cleaned some of which are highlighted below and in the brochure.  Click on the image opposite to download the brochure.


  1. A keyboard is 5 times dirtier than a toilet seat
  2. A keyboard can have 150 times the acceptable limit for bacteria
  3. Poisoning bugs MRSA, e.coli, coliforms, staphylococcus aureus and enterobacteria found in most tests
  4. 40% more bacteria found on male colleagues mouse
  5. A keyboard is the third dirtiest thing you touch after light switches and money
  6. A dirty screen will lead to eye strain, nausea and headaches
  7. Most PC users eat food at their desk leading to particle deposits in between keys
  8. Hot desking and shared resources in an office is the number one reason for passing germs across the workforce.